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How do I contact Holiday Lights of Omaha?

The best way is whatever is convenient for you. Call 402-830-9010 , text 402-830-9010, or email today.

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Yes, Holiday Lights of Omaha is fully covered under general liability and workman’s comp. We take our responsibility for your home and our employees’ safety very seriously.

No, unfortunately we only install products we sell or of similar quality. Message us today for details.

Prices vary so much depending on product, home, area, etc. The easiest is to contact us to get your free consultation and proposal.

Yes, schedules are totally customizable. Just let us know before your install date for us to leave a note for our install crews.

Contact us in any way; phone call 402-830-9010, text 402-830-9010, or email and we will have the issue resolved in 24 hours or less!

Our lights are the most advanced and quality manufactured in the industry. For over 30 years our suppliers have been perfecting their lighting products. With our products we also offer a full 2 year warranty.

Yes! We sell just the lights if you are looking to DIY your Christmas lights. Reach out to find out more.

We can try. The earlier you reach out the better. We do all we can to accommodate our clients’ requests.

Yes, all of our jobs are custom cut and fit to each property. No 2 jobs are alike!

We strive to have all our installs completed prior to Thanksgiving, unless otherwise requested. All of our takedowns are completed in January. We pride ourselves in the swift and quick service provided.

Warm white is comparable to the traditional incandescent look (while still an LED bulb). White is the brighter LED look. Look through our gallery to see many different examples.

We only offer purchase of products. We do not rent as we only offer brand new products that are 100% owned by you.

Being home is not necessary for exterior jobs. It is best for interior jobs, however we understand some times that is not possible and we can easily accommodate for this.

Simply unplug the lights from the main power and leave everything. We will be by soon to remove and package your lights for storage.

Payment is due upfront for any product and installation. After the holidays we will invoice for removal and storage, which is due before your takedown date.

We are always accepting requests for quotes. The earlier the better!

Contact us today for a free design and quote

We would love to work with you.